Residence Policy

Cancellation Policy

We require 30 days for amendment or cancellation notice prior to your scheduled arrival, otherwise you will be charged a cancellation fee of full amount deposit.

General Saturdays Residence Policy

  • To take good care of and preserve the premise as an ordinary prudent person would do his/her own expense, unless such damage is caused by normal wear and tear, fire or other casualty ( cause other than by the negligence or misconduct of the Tenant, his/her family members or visitors ).
  • Not to do or permit anyone to do anything,which may cause nuisance, annoyance or interference to the peacefulness and comfort of other Tenants in the premises, the building or its compound.
  • To be responsible for the safety and appropriate conduct of all members of his/her family, visitor, personal servants and subordinates and to ensure they observe and comply with the rules and regulations.
  • Not to assign any right hereunder, sub-lease, part of all the premises or allow occupancy to any third persons, whether in whole or in part without prior written consent from the Landlord.
  • Not to make any alternations, additions, decoration or removal to or from the premises without the prior written consent from the Landlord. All authorization alternations, additions and decorations made to the premises, which are not permanently made or are removable without causing serious damage to the premise or any part thereof shall not become the property of the Landlord, and upon the expiration of termination of the agreement, or decoration out of the premise. In such cases, the Tenant shall be responsible for the cost of restoration of the premises to the original condition at the time of lease period
  • Not to bring, keep or permit to be kept or brought on the premises, the building or any part thereof any materials of a dangerous, explosive, inflammable or obnoxious nature or the keeping of which may contravene any statutes, regulations or by-laws or in respect of which an increased rate of insurance may be required or the keeping of which cause any insurance policy in respect of the premises to become null and void
  • Not to throw or permit to be throw dirt, rubbish, rages, boxes or other refuse out of the premises and in common parts of the building, except into proper bins or other container provided for such purposes as provided by the Landlord.
  • Durian fruit is not allowed
  • Pet is not allowed

Check in / Check Out

Your independence is your prerogative at Saturdays. When you arrive at the Lobby Cafe, relax with a snack before making your way to your residence. Our staff are on hand to help you settle in and we are happy to help with anything you might need during normal working hours.