Saturdays Condo Launches Rider Safety Campaign in Rawai

Local developer aims for '100% awareness' in road safety campaign targeting young motorists with crash helmet giveaway.

Directors and staff from Saturdays Condo in Phuket showed their support for new road safety awareness campaign, '100% Riders Safety', by giving away 200 crash helmets to secondary school and college students in Rawai district on Sunday (Sept 7).

The helmet giveaway aims to encourage young riders and passengers to always wear crash helmets when travelling by motorbike or bicycle.

Ms Kanokpan Pranveerapaiboon, Real Estate Director of The Attitude Club, which operates Saturdays Condo in Saiyuan, said the goal was to promote road safety awareness and reduce the number of fatalities among young riders in the Rawai area.

“Young motorbike riders are most at risk of being in a serious accident. Our goal is to encourage young riders to be safety conscious by always wearing a helmet when riding motorbikes and bicycles, even if just for short distances,” said Ms Kanokpan.

“A high percentage of young riders in motorbike accidents suffer from serious head injuries, resulting in brain damage, disabilities and sometimes death. As well as preventing uneccesary loss of life, we hope that students weraing the helmets will encourage safety awareness in all riders,” she said.

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Local developer aims for '100% awareness' in road safety cam...

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Local developer aims for '100% awareness' in road safety cam...

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